Valley Cancels All Fall Sports

Valley Cancels All Fall Sports

From the UNI Athletics Department:

The Missouri Valley Conference Presidents Council has announced that the league’s schools will not conduct conference competition this fall in any sport.

Based on continuing uncertainty around the ability to play full-season league schedules safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the lack of a fall NCAA championship opportunity, the MVC will look to move competition to spring.

“The health and safety of our student-athletes are first and foremost in our decision making and have been from the beginning of this pandemic,” Director of Athletics David Harris said. “That doesn’t take away the heartbreak that we feel with the decision to push the season to the spring. We will shift our focus to the spring and encourage the NCAA to find a model for championships that provide opportunities for student-athletes from all conferences to be represented.”

Last week the NCAA Board of Governors decided to allow each division to determine whether a postseason would be held but stipulated that 50% of teams would need to participate in the regular-season to facilitate postseason in that sport. Nationally, the number of teams participating in all fall sports fell below the 50% standard, leading to the loss of the postseason this fall.

The MVC strongly supports moving fall championships to the spring. The schedule and timeline of the spring seasons have not been determined.

Plans for MVC-sponsored winter and spring sports (men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track & field; women’s swimming and diving; baseball; softball; women’s tennis; and men’s and women’s golf) are not impacted at this time.

During the fall months, MVC student-athletes in all sports will be allowed to participate in athletically-related activities (e.g., practices, strength and conditioning sessions, team meetings) consistent with institutional policies, public health guidelines and NCAA and Conference regulations.

Panther fans who have already purchased season tickets for football and volleyball have four options:

SPRING – Transfer your season tickets to the spring season. Panther Scholarship Club seat contributions are still required and must be pledged by October 1, 2020. Those that transfer their football season tickets to the spring and make their PSC pledge by the deadline will receive 200 Panther Points.
DONATE – Transfer the balance of your account to the Panther Scholarship Club as a 100% Tax-deductible donation.
CREDIT – Apply the balance of your account as a credit toward fall 2021 season tickets.
REFUND – Receive a full refund.

Season ticket holders have until Sept. 1 to make a selection. Those that do not make their selection by the deadline will automatically be enrolled in the SPRING option. If a spring season is not feasible, a UNI Athletics representative will reach out to all season ticket holders to assist them on the best option for their situation.

Contact the ticket office by phone (319-273-4849) or email (