Iowa Governor Gives Third Annual Condition of the State Address

Governor Kim Reynolds used her Condition of the State address this(Tues) morning to urge lawmakers to kick off 2020 with her new plan to invest in Iowa.  However, Reynolds says it’s time to change the formula.

On the income tax front, the governor wants cuts, and if Reynolds has her way, mental health funding will become more stable.

The governor used the story of a Cedar Valley man, William Burt of Waterloo, to illustrate her desire to give convicted felons who have served their time the right to vote.

Reynolds pledged an additional $20-million in flood relief to areas hard-hit by weather disasters…she promised an additional $2-million for the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program, as well as modernizing & expanding the E15 Plus Promotion Tax Credit to support the sale of the higher ethanol blend year-round…she’s proposing a fellowship for new, family-practice doctors who want to specialize & train in obstetrics care…she called on the legislature to adopt measures against abortion rights, after courts struck down an attempt she signed into law last year…she wants computer science taught as a basic skill at all levels to all students…she’s looking for another $15-million to help give every area of the state high-speed broadband…and she wants to make child care more affordable by expanding Early Childhood tax credits to families making up to $90,000 a year.