Another Municipal Election Day in Cedar Falls

Another Municipal Election Day in Cedar Falls

It’s run-off election day in Cedar Falls and one of the races, for city council member-at-large, is citywide.

In that contest, Nick Taiber and Dave Sires are the candidates.

In the other race, incumbent Tom Blanford is being  challenged by Simon Harding in the 4th Ward.

The polls are open until 8 o’clock tonight(Tues), and due to a scheduling conflict, the Cedar Falls Ward-2, Precinct-3 (Candeo Church) polling place has been temporarily combined with Ward-5, Precinct-2, which is Orchard Hill Church, at 3900 Orchard Hill Drive.

All Iowa voters are now required to provide an approved form of identification at the polling place before they receive and cast a ballot.  You may also register at the same time, but you must provide proof of identity and acceptable proof of residence.  Call the Black Hawk County Auditor’s Office at 833-3007 for more information.