Hazleton Man Pleads Guilty to Election Misconduct

Hazleton Man Pleads Guilty to Election Misconduct

A 68-year-old Hazleton man with felony convictions who voted last November has pleaded guilty to election misconduct. 

Buchanan County prosecutors say William Gibson pleaded guilty this week to two counts of election misconduct and a drug possession charge.  His sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 17. 

The prosecutors say Gibson lied on his voter registration application when he attested that he’d never been convicted of a felony.  And prosecutors say Gibson cast a provisional ballot in the November election.  Poll workers suspected he was a convicted felon. 

Prosecutors say Gibson was on probation for a felony drug offense at the time and has had at least seven felony convictions. 

Iowa bars felons from voting unless the governor or president individually restores the right. Legislative efforts to change those laws have been stymied.