Waterloo Man Accused of Trying to Run Over Woman with SUV

Police say a Waterloo man tried to run over a woman with his SUV Saturday night, and about an hour later they arrested him.

When authorities caught up with 40-year old James Buerl (of 228 Oliver Street), he smelled like alcohol and failed several field sobriety tests.

Waterloo Police say Buerl was leaving a home on East Parker Street around 9:40 pm Saturday, when he stepped on the accelerator and drove his vehicle at 24-year old Starnesha Martin, as she bent over to pick up a child’s pacifier.  The report says she jumped out of the way and Buerl’s SUV crashed into a nearby van.  He then left, but threatened to kill Martin as he did.

Police later detained Buerl during a traffic stop at Arlington Street and Logan Avenue and charged him with OWI, criminal mischief, harassment, and assault with a weapon.