Kudzu-Like Asian Weed Reaches Iowa; Not a Threat to Crops

KNOXVILLE, Iowa (AP) – Officials have confirmed that an invasive Asian weed has reached south-central Iowa. Persicaria perfoliata, or mile-a-minute weed, was known to be in the mid-Atlantic states, Indiana and in Oregon. Experts say the plant can grow 6 inches a day and quickly smother native vegetation. Iowa State Extension says the weed is…read more »

Slight Slide in Hotel Casino Waterloo’s Fiscal Year

The Hotel Casino Waterloo saw its third consecutive year of falling revenues and admissions, in FY 2018, but the average amount spent, per customer, rose by six dollars. Overall, state-licensed casinos in Iowa saw a small uptick in revenue for Fiscal Year ’18, but attendance was down due to weather and economic factors, according to…read more »

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