Tainted, Cage-Free Eggs Sicken 38 in Seven States including Iowa

The government says 38 people in seven states, including Iowa,  have gotten sick from eggs produced by an Alabama poultry farm. The Food and Drug Administration says the illnesses are linked to salmonella-tainted eggs from Gravel Ridge Farms, which is north of Birmingham in Cullman.  The agency issued a recall notice last month, and it…read more »

Waterloo is Working to Mitigate Flooding: Mayor Quentin Hart

With the record amounts of rain Waterloo has been receiving lately, it’s no big surprise to anyone that flooding has occurred in certain places.   But Mayor Quentin Hart says the City…contrary to what some may think…is taking steps to prevent or lessen that flooding in the future.  One thing they’re doing is checking specific spots…read more »

Waterloo & Federal Cops Bust Illinois Murder Suspect

Waterloo police and U-S Marshals apprehended a man yesterday(Tues) who’s wanted in connection with an Illinois murder. 48-year old Shoen Russell was arrested during a traffic stop in the 2100 block of Logan Avenue, around 5:45 yesterday(Tues) afternoon.  He was taken to the Black Hawk County Jail to await extradition to Champaign, Illinois.   His bond…read more »

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