City of Waterloo’s Bond Rating Remains Steady at Aa2: Moody’s

Waterloo learned yesterday(Wed) that it’s bond rating will remain at Aa2 for the 9th year in a row. Moody’s Investors Service says the City has solid cash reserves, a stable tax base, and well-managed finances, but also above-average debt and pension burdens, and associated fixed costs, along with lower property values and resident incomes.  Moody’s…read more »

Waterloo Pro-Choice Believers Rally Against States that Want to Restrict Abortions

Between 50 and 60 people turned out for a rally late yesterday(Wed) afternoon in downtown Waterloo’s Lincoln Park.  The event…organized to protest a recent wave of state laws to severely restrict access to abortions in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri…was originally scheduled for Tuesday evening, but postponed due to the weather.    One of the…read more »

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