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Saturday, April 28, 2018



“Suspense” from March 1, 1955—“Ray Bradbury’s The Screaming Woman”

“The Unexpected” from May 16, 1948—“Fool’s Silver”

A Special Evening of Programs—“Going Out West”

6 p.m.

“Gunsmoke” from March 12, 1961—“Sweet and Sour”

“The Lone Ranger” from March 12, 1951—“Trader Boggs ”

7 p.m.

“The Six Shooter starring Jimmy Stewart” from March 14, 1954—“Thicker Than Water”

“Calling All Detectives” from November 11, 1948—“An Innocent Guilty Man”

8 p.m.

“The Lone Ranger” from March 22, 1954—“The Tunnel to Trouble”

“Have Gun, Will Travel” from March 22, 1959—“The Five Books of Owen Deaver”

9 p.m.

“Luke Slaughter of Tombstone” from March 30, 1958—“The Aaron Holcomb Story”

“The Lone Ranger” from September 19, 1955—“Good Indian”

10 p.m.

“Gunsmoke” from March 19, 1955—“The Mistake”

“Gunsmoke” from March 19, 1961—“The Story of Joe Phy”

11 p.m.

“Have Gun, Will Travel” from April 12, 1959—“The Colonel and The Lady”

“The Lone Ranger” from April 12, 1954—“Go Between”


Saturday, May 5, 2018



“Phil Harris and Alice Faye” from March 26, 1950—“Flying Saucers in Palm Springs”

“The Jack Benny Program” from March 26, 1950—“In Palm Springs with Bob Hope”

6 p.m.—WESTERN

“Gunsmoke” from April 6, 1958—“Yorky”

“Abbott and Costello” from April 6, 1944—with guest Cary Grant

7 p.m.—COMEDY

“Life of Riley” from March 22, 1947—“Riley, the Milkman”

“The Easy Aces” episode #6—“What is Johnny Doing at Night?”


“Dragnet” from March 8, 1953—“The Big Laugh”

“Superman” from February 21, 1940—“Locomotive Crew Freed”

9 p.m.—DRAMA

“The Lives of Harry Lime starring Orson Welles” from March 28, 1952—“Pleasure Before Business”

“Superman” from March 8, 1940—“North Star Mining Company”

10 p.m.—COMEDY

“Amos and Andy” from March 23, 1945—“Andy Gets Hired by the Prentiss Clothing Company”

“The Jack Benny Program” from March 23, 1952—“Jack and Mary go to the Academy Awards”

11 p.m.—THRILLER

“Suspense” from March 8, 1954—“Circumstantial Terror" starring Ronald Reagan

“Blackstone, The Magic Detective” from March 6, 1949—“The Message from Nowhere”

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