IASB Lobbyist Blasted for Endorsing GOP’s Walt Rogers(Cedar Falls) for State Legislature

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – For the second time this year, the Iowa Association of School Boards is facing criticism after an employee publicly supported a Republican elected official. A flyer for Rep. Walt Rogers’ of Cedar Falls campaign features association lobbyist Emily Piper praising him as a champion for education who helped “pass some…read more »

Iowa Official Unemployment Rate Still at 2.7%

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Iowa’s government-issued, official unemployment rate in June remained at 2.7 percent, leaving the state tied for the nation’s third-lowest rate. Iowa Workforce Development released the rate today(Fri) and noted the number of unemployed residents dropped from an estimated 46,000 in May to 44,900 in June. The number of residents with…read more »

Meskwaki Complex at Tama Opens Shelter for M-Town Tornado Victims

Mark Tauscheck is with the American Red Cross, which moved many of its resources from Bondurant, after the tornado there, to Tama early last(Thur) night, after the twister hit Marshalltown. Tauscheck thanked the Meskawki Casino, Hotel and Convention Center staff profusely for the use of its facilities and the help in getting them ready for…read more »

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