KXEL Live & Local

KXEL Live & Local is Eastern Iowa’s only live and local afternoon radio program…right before Rush Limbaugh…weekdays from 10 to 11 a.m.


KXEL Live & Local for Mon. Jun. 24, 2019

On the Monday, Jun. 24, 2019 edition of the program: Tom Tancredo, former Colorado congressman and presidential candidate, talks about illegal immigration in the U.S. Bill O’Reilly gave examples of famous Americans who were patriots, in contrast to the prevailing view from Hollywood today.      read more »


KXEL Morning News for Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday on the KXEL Morning News between 5 and 8 a.m.: 5:50–In the middle of Lent, Hy-Vee dietitian Tracey Sauke talks with KXEL’s Tim Harwood about some ideas for meatless meals. 6:35–E15 fuel is coming to pumps across the country on a year-round basis. Last week’s news about E15 from the EPA was still not…read more »


KXEL Live & Local with Jeff Stein–Mon. Feb. 11, 2019

On the Monday, Feb. 11, 2019 edition of the program: Peter Droege, Fellow of Addiction Policy for Centennial Institute, talks about proposals to legalize recreational marijuana in Iowa by relating lessons learned from the practice in Colorado. Mayor Pete Buttigeig of South Bend, Indiana, toured Iowa as part of exploring a run for the presidency…read more »


KXEL Live & Local with Jeff Stein–Fri. Feb. 08, 2019

On the Friday, Feb. 08, 2019 edition of the program: Jordan Goodman, “America’s Money Answers Man”, discusses economic outcomes from this week’s State of the Union message, and tells how you can earn higher yields on savings. Ed Anderson, senior research manager for the Iowa Soybean Association, previews next Tuesday’s Farmer Research Tour stop in…read more »


KXEL Live & Local with Jeff Stein–Thu. Feb. 07, 2019

On the Thursday, Feb. 07, 2019 edition of the program: Drury Sherrod, author of “The Jury Crisis: What’s Wrong with Jury Trials and How We Can Save Them” evaluates how juries have become disrespected in the U.S., and why that’s a bad thing for our system. Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart talks about the recent Conference…read more »

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KXEL Live & Local with Jeff Stein–Wed. Feb. 06, 2019

On the Wednesday, Feb. 06, 2019 edition of the program: Mark Recker farms near Arlington in Fayette County and serves as chair of the Iowa Corn Growers Association–he responds to the attack on the corn industry in a Super Bowl ad this past Sunday. UNI political science professor Christopher Larimer gives insight into last night’s…read more »