Why The Wait?
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We held our municipal general elections on November 7th, and resolved remaining races subject to a runoff this past Tuesday, December 5th.

In the ones we watched for you in the KXEL News Center, the vote was really not that close, especially for city council in Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids, and for mayor in Waverly.

Given the advancements in organization and technology, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate our laws on such things, and have the runoff elections sooner than the current one month after the general election.

There are clearly logistics involved with such things, including certifying the results of the general election. But the date of the runoff was determined before we knew it would be needed, and the procedure for setting up a runoff election is the same as a general election…so we’re not reinventing the wheel there.

The candidates have so many more ways to get their messages out than before, particularly with the web and social media, that they don’t need that much time to reintroduce themselves.

And the voters who participated in the general election no doubt had a “second favorite” candidate already, so they really don’t need that month to make up their minds between the final two.

There’s a fatigue factor that’s already built into elections, particularly in Iowa given our prominence in the presidential search. Trimming the time between the election and the runoff in half still gets the election done by Thanksgiving, and allows an extra two weeks for any transitions to take place before the first of the year.

So just a suggestion that as we have now changed Iowa’s voting laws to prohibit straight ticket voting, and to combine school board and general elections…perhaps we should also revisit the time between the general election and the runoff, in the name of overall good government.

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