Of Course It's Political
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Regardless of your stand on the issue, you have to hand it to the Republicans in the majority of the Iowa legislature...they're efficient.

In a 10 day period, they introduced, held hearings on, debated, and passed massive collective bargaining reform affecting public workers in a measure Gov. Terry Branstad will enjoy having his name on.

Roughly 180,000 public sector employees in Iowa are covered by union contracts, and therefore are affected by the bill. Leaders of those unions are understandably not happy, and as discussed yesterday at this time, some of them resorted to some rather nasty tactics in recent days.

But elections have consequences, and when two of the largest public sector unions in Iowa contributed a combined total of more than a million dollars to the Iowa Democratic Party in 2016 alone...you can't be surprised that Republicans will act accordingly when elected to office.

And we've no doubt not heard the last of this. The state's AFSCME union is pledging to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the soon-to-be law.

Those in favor of the change did themselves no favors by pushing so far so fast. Those against the change did themselves no favors by living up to stereotypes that we thought had been long past.

What's a citizen to think? Too soon to tell. Check back in five years...after another two election cycles run their course.

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