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Iowa Politics with Jeff Stein for Mon. Jun. 24, 2019

“Tweet by Tweet” It’s a logistical challenge, almost a nightmare, really…two presidential candidate debates on successive nights…each lasting two hours…each with two sets of moderators…and each with 10 candidates. That’s in the best of circumstances. The Democratic National Committee and the NBC networks, which are putting on the events this Wednesday and Thursday, have all…read more »

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Iowa Politics — Mon. Feb. 11, 2019

Waking Up Sometimes, staying quiet is the best thing a person can do. That’s why when a person is accused of a crime, we take great pains to point out that they have the right to remain silent. So too with embattled politicians…sometimes, it’s best to stay under the radar and keep quiet. But that…read more »

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Iowa Politics — Fri. Feb. 08, 2019

Memories   Perhaps a cold and snowy winter weekend is just the time to curl up in front of the fire and page through a good book. I could suggest several from But for those in public life…elected officials, their staff members, and those supporting active candidates…those books are likely high school and college…read more »


Iowa Politics — Thu. Feb. 07, 2019

Checking the Box I’ll take Massachusetts senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren at her word when she says her family told her there was Native American blood in their history. Watching those genealogy television shows has taught us that we all seem to have a little of everything in us. But let’s also not pretend…read more »

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Iowa Politics — Wed. Feb. 06, 2019

The State of the Union You heard the President’s State of the Union message live on KXEL last night, as well as the Democrats’ response. The speech was even longer than last year’s and yielded very few surprises. The President’s staff crafted a message that on the face of it was the picture of conciliation.…read more »

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Iowa Politics — Tue. Feb. 05, 2019

Legal Weed It’s a proposal that, by his own admission, doesn’t stand a chance of passage. But that didn’t stop Iowa City state senator Joe Bolkcom from making it yesterday…a suggestion that recreational marijuana should be legalized in our state and taxed like alcohol. In Sen. Bolkcom’s words, “marijuana prohibition in Iowa has failed and…read more »