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Fire chiefs warn parents of 'disturbing behavior'

A disturbing trend has emerged around the country appearing on social media sites.

Teenagers from around the country have been injured while participating in the “Fire Challenge.”  The fire challenge involves the pouring of flammable liquids on the body and setting them on fire while videoing the event.  The videos are then uploaded to show the reaction of the participants.

Many times the flammable fluids are spilled on clothing making them even more difficult to extinguish.  To date, there are no known incidents in Iowa but nationwide, there have been reports of severe burns and even one death prompting the New Jersey State Fire Marshal to release a “Safety Alert” on the matter.

While there has only been one reported death, gathering statistics on this trend may be difficult.  Many times the flammable fluids are poured over the chest increasing the chances of burns to the airway.

It should go without saying that this is a very dangerous practice that can result in significant life threating burns.  A Google search of “Fire Challenge” reveals the extent of the issue with numerous videos and other “hits.”

The Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs says it is their hope to make parents aware of this disturbing trend so that they are aware of this activity.  It is hoped that parents can discuss the issue with their teenagers and prevent this from occurring in Iowa.

Your local fire department may have resources to assist you if you suspect that your teenager is at risk.  Please contact your local fire department for more information.

posted : August, 11th by KXEL

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