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Big Appleton ladder truck down for repairs

The Appleton fire department might be without its large ladder truck for three or four months.

Chief Len VanderWyst told the city's safety and licensing committee yesterday that there are cracks in the framing that holds the base of the 100-foot ladder in place.

He says it's a huge concern. He says it's the safest truck they have for firefighters, and victims, if they're called to a fire at a high-rise building or they need access to a roof.

VanderWyst says he's talking with Pierce Manufacturing, about possibly getting a loaner truck. He says right now, they'll rely on neighboring departments to provide mutual aid.

VanderWyst says depending on the cost of the repairs, the options include buying a new truck. He says some of the work might be covered by warranty, but the truck is 15 years old.

It's scheduled to be replaced in 2020.

posted : July, 11th by WHBY

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