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Woman sends message about texting & driving

A Little Chute woman told Seymour high school students yesterday how her life changed after she killed a man, while she was texting and driving.

20-year-old PaKou Xiong is serving one year in jail, and five years of probation after she was convicted of homicide by negligent driving. She killed 46-year-old James Weiss in 2012, while he was riding his bike along a Kimberly street.

Xiong says she wishes they had presentations like the one she gave, when she was in high school.

Seymour high school principal Michael Flaherty thinks the message was well received. He says you could hear a pin drop when Xiong was telling her story.

Xiong says she's still dealing with the guilt from what she did.

posted : February, 28th by WHBY

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