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Snowsnake Family Day

Event Date: February, 22 2014

Event Times: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Make your own snowsnake and then challenge your friends by throwing your “snake” down the chute.

Naturalist Gail Barels will share this winter game’s Native American history and guide snake throwing.  The “snowsnake” is a long, slender, polished wood stick that ranges from 3 to 9 feet long.  The snowsnake track is created by dragging a log in snow up to a quarter mile.  When the snowsnake is thrown and glides down the snow trough, it shimmies and gives the appearance of a snake movement.

This program will be held even if there is not snow since a plastic track can also be used.  Registration is required by February 20th.

Call 319-892-6485.  Just $5 per snowsnake.
Join the fun at the Wickiup Hill Learning Center, 10260 Morris Hills Road in Toddville.

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