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posted on Oct 24th
The periodical, American Society of Human Genetics Conference reports that we may be one step closer to Preventing Down Syndrome. The report is in their newest edition.

Men walk slower when they're in love. A study at U of Washington has been published that concludes that when men are walking with their romantic partner they are much more likely to slow down to match the speed of their partner, and not cause the woman an energy burden. The reason? They say men are acting to conserve femal energy to optimize the female reprodutive cycle. This would be a preservation of an evolutionary trait from our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

There's a new program in Iowa to address the growing, dangerous issue of drug abuse by our children. The biggest source of their drugs? Your medicine cabinet! Pharm parties are happening all across the state and it's hooking our kids in a bad way. Our guests include the Director of the Governor's Council on Drug Control Policy, Steve Lukan; and the Program Manager of the Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center, Emily Blomme. The good news is that there are ways to prevent, protect and treat. This is Part 1 of the conversation.

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