Classic Radio Theater

Classic Radio Theater

KXEL Classic Radio Theater on News/Talk 1540 KXEL is heard every Saturday from 6 p.m. to midnight. See below for this week's schedule:

Saturday, November 16, 2019

6 p.m.—WESTERN      

(Pre-empted by UNI Football)

7 p.m.—COMEDY     

“The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show” from October 22, 1950—“The Brownies Camping Trip”

“Amos n Andy” from October 22, 1940—“Party Invitation”

8 p.m.—CRIME DRAMA      

“Dragnet” starring Jack Webb from October 19, 1954—“The Big Mannequin”

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” from October 10, 1956—“The Phantom Chase Matter” (5/9)

9 p.m.—DRAMA     

“The Story of Dr. Kildare” from October 20, 1950—“Eddie Jenkins and the Arsonist”

“Claudia” from October 20, 1948—“The Salmon Mousse”

10 p.m.—COMEDY         

“The Great Gildersleeve” from October 16, 1946—“Early Retirement”

“Bob & Ray” from October 16, 1959—“Natalie Attired”

11 p.m.—THRILLER     

“Inner Sanctum Mysteries” from October 16, 1945—“Till Death Do Us Part”

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” from October 16, 1956—“The Phantom Chase Matter” (2/9)