Classic Radio Theater

Classic Radio Theater

KXEL Classic Radio Theater on News/Talk 1540 KXEL is heard every Saturday from 6 p.m. to midnight. See below for this week's schedule:


Saturday, January 25, 2020


“Gunsmoke” from January 9, 1954—“The Joke’s On Us”

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” from January 9, 1956—“The Todd Matter” (1/5)

6 p.m.—WESTERN   

“Gunsmoke” from January 12, 1958—“Second Son”

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” from January 12, 1956—“The Todd Matter” (4/5)

7 p.m.—COMEDY     

“The New Edgar Bergen Hour” from January 15, 1956—“Oliver Twist”

8 p.m.—CRIME DRAMA      

“Boston Blackie” from January 14, 1947—“Blackie and the Fur Thefts”

“The Couple Next Door” from January 15, 1959—“Recommendation for Charlie”

9 p.m.—DRAMA     

“The Story of Dr. Kildare” from January 12, 1951—“Dr. Gillespie’s Testimonial Dinner”

“Fibber McGee & Molly” from January 12, 1956—“Disposing of the Coffee Table”

10 p.m.—COMEDY         

“Amos n Andy” from January 14, 1944—“Andy is Smitten with Janice Carpenter”

“Amos n Andy” from January 14, 1929—“A Slogan for the Fresh Air Taxi Cab Company”

11 p.m.—THRILLER 

“The Shadow” from January 11, 1942—“The Drums of Doom”

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” from January 11, 1956—“The Todd Matter” (3/5)