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Recently, the Federal Communications Commission, the government agency that regulates all radio stations in the United States, has proposed changes to how we hear all radio stations, including 1540 KXEL, at night.


KXEL has been a 50,000 watt station since going on the air in 1942.  It was designed to provide a large interference-free coverage area, especially after local sunset, and all night long.  Now, the FCC is proposing to change the technical specifications of this protected area, so that other stations can come on the air at night, or increase their power. 


While we are all for free enterprise, unfortunately adding more stations will only create more interference and make listening to KXEL and other 50,000 watt radio stations much more difficult.  Every radio station that stays on at night will create interference for hundreds of miles, because of how radio signals bounce off the atmosphere, at night. 


If you like listening to KXEL and other AM stations at night, please sign in below to sign our petition.  The petition will require you to sign up so that we can collect your basic information for verification purposes so that we can show the FCC that this issue is important to you.  We will not share your email for any other purpose. The petition will be submitted to the FCC when comments are due in March.  There is also an optional field where you can enter your thoughts on the proposal.  These comments will also be shared with the FCC.

We urge you to tell your friends and family that listen to AM radio at night, and enjoy programs on 1540 KXEL like Mark Levin, Jim Bohannon, University of Northern Iowa Sports, Red Eye Radio and old time classic radio shows on the weekends.  Please tell them to visit and sign the petition, and share your thoughts.  With your help, we can save KXEL’s nighttime coverage!   

If you have problems accessing the form below, just email your name, zip code and any comments to and we will add your signature to the online petition.

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