Trelka Says He’ll Recuse Himself from Votes Affecting the Sheriff’s Office

Retiring Waterloo Police Chief and Black Hawk County Supervisor Dan Trelka announced Monday night that he plans to seek the Republican nomination for Sheriff in next year’s election, a position held for the last 11 years-plus by Democrat Tony Thompson, who plans to seek a 4th term.

Thompson feels that Trelka running for Sheriff while serving on the County Board (of Supervisors) is a clear conflict-of-interest, but Trelka says he’ll recuse himself from voting on issues regarding the Sheriff’s Department and if he’s elected Sheriff, he’ll resign his Supervisor position.

Trelka is in his first year as a supervisor.  He’ll be with the City of Waterloo until the end of November.

Both candidates so far…and there may eventually be more…believe that giving the voters of Black Hawk County a choice is a good thing.