An Eventful Week in Cedar Rapids Federal Court

It’s been a busy week in Northern Iowa federal court….25-year old Gage Rupp of Cedar Rapids was sentenced to 12 years in prison after admitting to taking part in an armed carjacking of a young woman near Kirkwood College in October, 2017, then using the stolen car to participate in the robbery of a phone store the next day.  When he gets out of prison, Rupp will spend 5 more years on supervised release.

44-year old Jason Bates of Cedar Rapids was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison, followed by 6 years of supervised release, for providing the opioids that nearly killed two people, one last year and the other in 2015.

38-year old Dara Redmond of Cedar Rapids got 10 years in prison this week for selling meth out of her home to a confidential informant, while her three minor children were present.   Her decade in federal lockup will be followed by five years of supervised release.

Several other federal cases resolved this week involved illegal aliens from Mexico being sentenced to prison terms for re-entering the country after being deported, sometimes several times.   And one man, Bonifacio Martin-Martin, an illegal resident from Guatemala, got four months in custody for using another person’s Social Security number to get a job.