Police Arrest Three in Connection with Body Found in Skunk River

Three people have been arrested in connection with a body found in the South Skunk River in Mahaska County in early August.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety said that 27-year old Cody Vancenbrock, 28-year old Nicholas Kelly, and 34-year old Holly Kelly, were arrested yesterday(Tues). Nicholas and Holly are married. This comes after 27-year old Ashley Shafer was found dead in the South Skunk River on August 6th.     Vancenbrock was charged with involuntary manslaughter, delivery of a controlled substance, abuse of a corpse, and sponsoring a drug house. The first three charges are class D felonies and the last is an aggravated misdemeanor.     Nicholas Kelly was charged with abuse of a corpse and sponsoring a drug house. Holly Kelly was charged with aiding and abetting abuse of a corpse, which is a class D felony.

Investigators said that on August 5, Ashley was at an apartment rented by the Kellys in Oskaloosa with all three people charged. Vancenrock allegedly injected Shafer with methamphetamine which caused her to overdose and die. Officials said that Vancenbrock and Nicholas Kelly took Shafer’s body to a rural area, weighted down her body in some manner and placed her into the river.  All three are being held at the Mahaska County Jail.