Waterloo Council Tables “Ban-the Box,” and Curbside Recycling Calls

The Waterloo City Council heard from about a dozen people last(Mon) night, before voting 5 to 2 to postpone, for another week,  a decision on Public Works Manager Randy Bennett’s proposed curbside recycling program, which would be mandatory if approved.   Council members Pat Morrissey and Margaret Klein didn’t want to wait til the 26th, but they were outvoted.     Several companies have told the city they’ll no longer accept the curbside cardboard, paper, plastic and cans unless Waterloo stops using a single container for recyclables and yard waste, so Bennett put together a mandatory plan for the city’s 23,000-or-so households, which would involve using a green can for garbage, a blue can for recycling, and a brown can for yard waste.

Some of the 10 residents who spoke out against the plan said they’re opposed to paying for a mandatory curbside program because they already recycle voluntarily at the city’s four free dropoff locations, and resident Forest Dillavou says Bennett’s plan is just another tax.\

Two residents shared their support for the recommendation, Margaret Whiting saying she’s in favor of mandatory recycling.

The issue will be brought up again next week.