Waterloo Duo Caught on Video, Accused of College Hill Brawl

Two of the people arrested in connection with a brawl on College Hill two weekends ago have already been convicted of weapons charges.

This past Saturday, Cedar Falls police charged 20-year old Davion Madlock of Waterloo with rioting.  19-year old Demond Rollins of Waterloo was arrested yesterday(Sun).

The August 10th melee involved more than a dozen people, around 11:45 pm, in the 2200 block of College Street.  No serious injuries were reported, but security cameras and someone with a cell phone recorded the action and police have been combing through the video to identify those involved.

Madlock and Rollins were both released from prison in January and Rollins was put on parole.   Madlock had been in prison for shooting a shotgun into a home on Logan Avenue in Waterloo while there were people inside.