KXEL Morning News for Friday, July 12, 2019

KXEL Morning News for Friday, July 12, 2019

Tune in for the KXEL Morning News Friday between 5 and 8 a.m.:

5:50–Soil conservation and water quality aren’t topics which should be limited to the radar of farmers and rural residents. Fred Abels is chairman of the Grundy County Soil and Water Conservation District and shares that message ahead of a workshop at the Grundy County Fair next week.

6:35–Six Arizona police officers were reportedly asked to leave a Starbucks because they were making a customer uncomfortable. Can they do that? Fox News Radio Legal Analyst Loretta Powers has the answer.

6:50–Ahead of the 2020 Iowa Caucuses, we’ve heard many candidates describe what they have to offer. UNI Political Science professor Chris Larimer visits to talk about what Iowa Democratic voters are actually looking for.

7:35–TV9 Meteorologist Kaj O’Mara says high temperatures will tease 90 on Friday, and highs will stay in that range at least into next weekend.

7:50–When you see shoes in a store window, you may not think much about it. Kate Kunau of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art talks about one type of shoe – the high heel – which is the subject of a current exhibit.

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