The Latest News from Waterloo City Hall, Downtown Waterloo and KOKZ Cruise Weekend

FROM THE CITY OF WATERLOO…..Due to rising water in Black Hawk Creek, caused by heavy rain, City of Waterloo Public Works is closing the Fletcher Avenue Flood Gates.  The gates will reopen as soon as the flood waters recede and safe travel can once again be guaranteed.  Motorists are encouraged to seek alternate routes, and are reminded to be aware of rising water and drive with care.

ALSO FROM THE CITY OF WATERLOO…..Due to flooding across the road at the yard waste it will be closed until further notice.  Questions may be directed to the Sanitation Department at (319) 291-4455.

***Tonight’s Friday ‘loo at Waterloo’s Lincoln Park has been canceled due to rain, but the Shine & Show as part of KOKZ Cruise Weekend will be held as scheduled and will be outdoors, with the band in the pavilion.