KXEL CLASSIC RADIO THEATER / Saturday, March 16, 2019


“Dragnet” from February 15, 1953—“The Big Tooth”

“Police Headquarters” from 1932—“Double Death”


If the UNI WBB team is in the MVC semifinals…the 6 p.m. hour will be joined in progress with the network Classic Radio Theater feed       


6 p.m.—WESTERN         

“Gunsmoke” from February 5, 1955—“Cheyennes”

“Frontier Fighters” from 1935—“Lewis and Clark”


7 p.m.—COMEDY       

“My Favorite Husband” from February 10, 1950—“The Misunderstanding of the Black Eye”

“Lum n Abner” from January 30, 1935—“Abner Fakes an Auto Accident”


8 p.m.—CRIME DRAMA      

“Boston Blackie” from February 19, 1946—“Harry Benson Murders His Wife”

“Phil Rizzuto’s Sports Caravan” from 1954—guest Bill Stern


9 p.m.—DRAMA      

“The Story of Dr. Kildare” from February 16, 1951—“Pete Coslov, Mental Illness”

“The Family Doctor” episode #1 from 1932—“False Witness”


10 p.m.—COMEDY        

“Amos ‘n Andy” from February 23, 1945—“Kingfish is Jealous”

“The Jack Benny Program” from November 9, 1951—“Jack Gets a Dinner”


11 p.m.—THRILLER  

“Suspense” from February 10, 1949—“Demortuis” starring Charles Laughton

“The Strange Dr. Weird” from February 6, 1945—“The Dark Wings of Death”