11 am Friday: More BHCo. Roads Flooded Out; Some Have 10-Ton Limits

As of 1 o’clock this(Fri) afternoon, more than two dozen Black Hawk County roads are closed due to flooding.  Here’s the current list…..

Kober Road from Eagle Road to Reinbeck Road

Moline Road between Donald Street and East Airline Highway

Moline Road from Gresham Road to Cedar Wapsi Road

Burton Ave. from Dunkerton Rd. to Mt. Vernon Road

Elk Run Road from Cedar Wapsi Road to Marquis Road

Gresham Rd. between Elk Run Rd. and Crane Creek Rd.

Hoff Road north of Orange Road

King Road south of Bishop Road and north of the Co. line

Reinbeck Road between Hess Road and Hammond Avenue

Big Woods Rd. between Marquis and Gresham Roads

Foulk Road from Schrock Road to Washburn Road

Butler Road from Beaver Valley Road to Westbrook Road

Beck Road between Cotter Road and Foulk Road

Eastman Road from Foulk Road to Cotter Road

Airline Highway between Raymond Road and Canfield Road

Young Road between Oxley Road and Garling Road

Sycamore Street in Janesville

Hollis Road from Watters Road to Strayer Road

Westford Road from Butler Road to Finchford Road

Maxfield Road between Waverly Road and Cedar Wapsi Road

Taylor Road south of Windsor Road

Pilot Grove Road between Lester and Dunkerton Roads

North Black Hawk Buchanan Avenue from Highway-281 to 112th Street

Cunningham Road between Big Rock Road to East Airline Highway

Big Rock Road from Cunningham Road to Rice Road


The following Black Hawk County Roads have 10-ton embargoes on them:

Barnes Ferry Road between Brandon and Carr Roads

Watters Road between Highway-58 and Platt Road

Jepsen Road between First Street and Westbrook Road

Miller Creek Road from 400 Feet west of Highway-218 to Cotter Road