Day-Two of Cedar Falls Man’s Accused Killer’s Trial

The father of a man charged with murder in the death of a Cedar Falls deer hunter has testified that his son owned numerous guns and kept them “everywhere.”

Jamison Davis testified Monday in the first-degree murder trial of his son, Ethan.  Ethan Davis is charged with killing deer hunter Curtis Ross of Cedar Falls in November 2017 on public hunting ground near Rathbun Lake in Appanoose County.

Jamison Davis says his son owned shotguns, pistols, knives and more than one AR-15 style weapon. Prosecutors say one of those AR-15 guns was used to kill Ross, who police say was also stabbed more than two dozen times.  His naked body was found on public hunting ground nearby.

Earlier Monday, Kenneth Brown, an employee of a nearby quarry operation, says he heard gunfire on Nov. 24, 2017. He called them “rapid fire shots that I was not familiar with.”

Prosecutors have accused Davis of perching on a hilltop and using an AR-15 to shoot Ross.  Officials say they still don’t have a motive for the killing.