BHCo Sheriff Warns Motorists to Slow Down

Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson issued a warning to drivers this(Mon) morning, before the next snowstorm is scheduled to hit the Cedar valley this(Mon) afternoon.

Thompson says his office has been inundated with accidents over the past few weeks and many of them, he says, have been preventable, most attributed to excessive speed on less-than-ideal road conditions.Warns

The Sheriff says the best advice is to not travel when road conditions deteriorate.  If you must travel, slow down.

One of the more recent examples of unsafe driving on snow- and ice-covered road occurred yesterday(Sun) on I-380 near Raymond, when two Black Hawk County deputies were at the scene of a car in the ditch.  Another vehicle approaching the scene went out of control and narrowly missed one patrol car, before hitting the other one.

Fortunately, no one was injured.