Bomb Threat Scare at Dubuque and Galena(IL) Schools

Students in Dubuque and Galena, Illinois were put on  2-hour delayed schedules this(Mon) morning, after a number of them received threatening messages on-line.     In Galena, police says some high school students got a message on Instagram last(Sun) night, saying there would be a bomb threat this(Mon) morning.     Investigators interviewed students who received the messages and traced them back to a juvenile who confessed to posting the threat.     Police say neither the school nor the students were ever in any immediate danger.

In Dubuque, the school district said a number of Jefferson Middle School students also reported receiving a threat last(Sun) night.  There was one message involving the Alta Vista campus.     In a Facebook post earlier today(Mon), Dubuque school officials said police believe the threats were copycat messages related to the threat in Galena, and were non-credible.  Nevertheless, the district asked the police department to post additional officers at Jefferson and Alta Vista today(Mon).