Family of Surviving Clinton Firefighter Pleads for Prayers

The family of a Clinton firefighter critically injured in an explosion Saturday said in a statement Thursday that Adam Cain is “literally fighting for his life now.”     The 23-year old Cain was injured Saturday morning when a grain-silo exploded at the ADM plant in Clinton. The explosion killed fellow firefighter, 33-year old Lt. Eric Hosette.     The family of Cain released a statement Thursday asking for prayers.  Here’s part of that statement: 

“The first release on Adam’s condition may have led everyone to believe that he was about to walk out the door in the next few days. That could not be farther from the truth. Yes, he was off the ventilator for 12hrs. However, the type injuries he has to his lungs do not “blossom” until 2-3 days post injury. The lining of the lungs swell and weep fluids much like external injuries. They will be in this condition for multiple weeks. With that comes time when Adam is in his most critical condition and has to fight the hardest. The reason I am reaching out and sharing is because Adam needs help. I am begging each and every one of you to continue to pray, share what I have shared with you to everyone you know about Adam and ask they continue to pray also. My son needs them.”

Meanwhile, funeral services for Eric Hosette will take place Saturday. A public visitation is being held Friday afternoon. Hosette is survived by his wife and a young daughter.