Cedar Falls Planners Still Dealing with College Hill Parking

Planning & Zoning Commissioners in Cedar Falls have inched a little closer to some new parking requirements that could pave the path to a five-story apartment complex with retail on the ground floor, at the bottom of College Hill.

The amendment would require to developer to provide one parking stall per bedroom, but not less than one stall per unit for upper floor apartments in mixed-use buildings, which is what developer Brent Dahlstrom is proposing.  It would also eliminate the visitor parking requirement.

The amendment is considered to be a temporary solution until a detailed parking study, like what’s being done in Cedar Falls’ downtown.

The vote to recommend approval of the amendment was 4 to 3, while a vote to defer action on Dahlstrom’s proposed site plan was approved 6 to1.

The (Cedar Falls) City Council will have the final word.