December 11th Now the Official Date for Waterloo 5th Ward Election

The date for Waterloo’s special election in Ward-5 is now official.

Black Hawk County Auditor Grant Veeder’s office, which is in charge of such things, set December 11th…a Tuesday, of course…as the date the voters of the near west side 5th Ward will choose who they want to represent them.   Whoever(Whomever?) it turns out to be will also help to ensure that city business won’t be held up by a “tie,” vote, which has happened a number of times since former Ward-5 Councilman Chris Shimp resigned last month.

As for potential replacement candidates, they have until November 16th to gather and turn in the signatures of 32 eligible 5th Ward voters on nominating petitions.

If more than two people run and no one gets more than 50% of the vote in December, the city will have to have a run off election in January between the top-two vote getters.   Each election costs Waterloo taxpayers about $6,000.